The Peruvian family café

Karen’s father Jaime Espinoza from Peru is the farmer who harvest the coffee that Karen offers in her café Nova Luz in Cusco.

Coffee process - from beans to coffee

In the café it’s possible to see the coffee beans from harvest to coffee. Karen is besides being the owner of the café also an educated coffee taster just like her brother is.

September 29, 2023

The first time I visited the café I came for the matcha latte that was showing on a sign outside. I was there with a friend and we talked with Karen and her brother. 

After some time I found out that the picture in the café is her father. The coffee was not only local from Peru but also a harvest from her father which touches my heart.

Why Karen started the café

I visit Karen several times and one time we have a chance to speak deeper. I ask her why she started the café. She answers the wants to share knowledge about coffee and as I continue to ask why – it turns out she started the café because she wants to help farmers like her father get a fair price for their efforts. 



Family photo

Karen Lizbeth Espinoza on the right is the owner of the café Nova Luz in Cusco in Peru. Her little brother on the left is helping her in the café.  They are standing with two happy guests.

Farmers do not get fair prices for the coffee they work so hard to harvest and I want to help them get fair prices for their efforts. To do so bringing out knowledge about the coffee and the effort put into it. I have never told this to anyone before.

It is the first time Karen shares her deeper reason to start the coffee shop. 

Karen Lizbeth Espinoza

Owner and coffee taster, Café Nova Luz

Coffee process

A deeper reason to visit Nova Luz café

I felt my heart as Karen talked and felt a deeper reason to come to the café.

Her deeper purpose does not show in the coffee shop. If it will then people may not only come for the coffee, matcha latte and cakes but also because of their hearts to help support the farmers.

Karen can present herself visually in the café with her purpose so people knows she is the owner and why she started the café. She can also describe her father in more detail and his reason for being a farmer. She can make it clear to understand the problem deeper that Karen wants to help solve.

Maybe her father was inspired by his ancestors. If his ancestors also harvested coffee it can be relevant for her to present a family tree to share that coffee have been in the ancestral line for years.

Karen's father


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