Lecture and meditation 

“Thanks so much! Your dedication to sharing wisdom, fostering heart-mind connections through meditation, and nurturing self-awareness in the realm of emotions is truly a beacon of light. Compassion, indeed, is the master key to unlocking self-esteem. Thank you for illuminating the path.”

Karen Lizbeth Espinoza

Owner, degree in tourism and coffee taster, Café Nova Luz

1:1 Breathwork session

 I was able to give words to many things I found hard to express but also felt relevant. I liberated myself to an extent. I was able to speak from a very deep place within myself.

Anne-Kathrine helped me by holding space and by acknowledging my sharing. She also acknowledged the different voices that were present within me, like for example the voice that says that I’m inventing all of this or that I’m crazy, while my body and being give very clear messages that communicate the opposite. It has been a fight over all these years to really accept the truth.

In the days after our session, Anne-Kathrine remained present and ready to do follow-up if needed. I very much recommend her sessions to anyone who feels called to have a breathwork experience with her.”


Inessence Art

Lecture and meditation

“Anne-Kathrine’s words guides to a path of reconnection and recognition of yourself with your heart. It’s a powerful and loving way of discovery that ends with a sharing of experiences. Her words inspire to encounter the love within. I am grateful for her blessed work in the world”

Carolyne Cardenas



“It was an amazing lecture that contained many nuggets of gold and for me it put a focus on communication.

Communication with the heart and how we through dialogue can create conflict if we communicate with the brain alone. Do we include the heart we can create positive relation in dialogue that benefit the receiver but certainly also ourselves.

If you want a positive experience with insight and content I can warmly recommend you to contact Anne-Kathrine.
Anne-Kathrine get my best recommendations

Per Holm-Pedersen

Founder, CEO , ITN vision


“The workshop certainly met my expectations. I came with an intention to learn how I can listen to my heart – and that I learned. Another word could be to listen to my body. When I left there I understood why finding peace is the most important base for a good life. 

It’s a lie that we needs to be busy and in speed and chase a feeling of happiness. All good things start from a base of calm. The nervous system must be at rest. I also left with two tools to find peace – the hand on the heart and the observation of the breath. Because we did two exercises with meditation and the connection to others I experienced how it feels in the body to be connected at rest. It gives me a lot of hope that I now have that contact with the body with me.


Anne-Kathrine Kjaer Christensen

You can book Anne-Kathrine Kjaer Christensen for lectures, workshops and meditation training to share and deepen the power of our heart and how to integrate our heart deeper in life.

For booking contact Anne-Kathrine:

WhatsApp: +45 40896007

E-mail: akchristensen@gmail.com

The Love Mystery

Love has has tight conditions in a time where many have busy lives, more and more experience stress, and we are bombarded with data from media and tech-giants. We can get challenged to feel the most important in life.

Anne-Kathrine Kjær Christensen has left Denmark and travels the world to follow her mission to learn more about love and how to integrate it in everyday life. She shares in a blog and works on finishing a book.


Anne-Kathrine Kjær Christensen

Melholvej 13

9220 Aalborg Ø

WhatsApp: +45 40896007

E-mail: akchristensen@gmail.com

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