Rebirthing Breathwork in the Sacred Valley

October 14, 2023


Breathwork spot

This place is part of Tarabamba Geust House in the Sacred Valley in Peru. A doula has worked here. A doula helps give birth in a natural way and her work and support can start already in the process towards getting pregnant.

I had a breathwork session here and had my own experience of rebirth in this magical spot.


Rebirthing breathwork is a gateway for  inner deeper exploration. Only with the breath it is possible to access altered states. It’s possible to witness the inner world from a new perspective with a higher consciousness. 

When we let go and let the body take over we can explore ourselves in ways we never imagined. Creativity explodes. We can embody experiences that reveal who we really are and the endless possibilities for growth.


Rebirthing breathwork in the Sacred Valley

Rebirthing Breathwork in the Sacred Valley in Urubamba in this beautiful spot by the Urubamba river

The inner healer

During rebirthing breathwork we meet our inner healer.

When we let go and let our body talk – we can get answers to many of the pains we experience in life. Also physical pain can have causes that no medicine can heal. By listening to our bodies and working with the messages we get we can heal.

Sometimes during rebirthing breathwork we can get access to see trauma and deep pains that can have roots from our childhood but also from our ancestors and previous generations. This can require help to look at for example with a psychotherapist.

True love

The more I practice breathwork the deeper I fall in love with my body and what it is capable of. What it can show me when I let go. What it can help me heal without any medicine.

In the beginning rebirthing breathwork was like entering a room and experiencing new sides of myself both good and bad. When I left the room I was back being the old version of me.

Now we are 1 – I am the amazing woman I witness in rebirthing breathwork and the more I let go the more I see her. 

Rebirthing breathwork is not always a joyride. We can see trauma and sides of ourselves that are not pleasent to witness. Being able to witness that with love and compassion is for me true love. 

The Love Mystery

Love has has tight conditions in a time where many have busy lives, more and more experience stress, and we are bombarded with data from media and tech-giants. We can get challenged to feel the most important in life.

Anne-Kathrine Kjær Christensen has left Denmark and travels the world to follow her mission to learn more about love and how to integrate it in everyday life. She shares in a blog and works on finishing a book.


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