Ancestral ceremonies

September 6, 2023

I joined ancestral ceremonies with an andean sherman in Cusco. A sherman in quechua is Paqo. The locals call the sherman a maestro as he guides people.

The maestro for this ceremony is Nazario Quispe Yapura. He is in his late 70’s and started his journey to become a sherman when he was 20 years old. He dreamed about how to become a sherman and followed his dreams. He was inspired learning from his ancestors about Mother Earth and her gifts. Now he brings his love for Mother Earth and her healing abilities for people.


Maestro Nazario Quispe Yaparu

I share the experience together with 2 from California and 1 from the island Jersey near France. The guide Ruty Salas Chani is from Peru outside Cusco.

I am very curious to meet a local sherman and learn about love from him and hear about natural medicine and the knowledge he has received from ancestors.



Pachamama temple Cusco

The ceremonies took place in this Pachamama Temple around 15 minutes drive from Cusco city. Pachamama is Mother Earth for the inkas .

Love for Pachamama

Maestro Nazario has never been to the doctor – he does not need to because he is in deep connection with Mother Earth (Pachamama). Mother Earth provides him what he needs to heal when he has pain. He has learned from ancestors how to receive the gifts in the nature from Mother Earth and with kindness and love let them nourish and heal and spread this love to people.



Personal reading with coca leaves

I am surprised when I hear from the guide that I get a personal coca leaves reading from the maestro. One by one we each get a reading. He only reads the presence – the future can always change he says.

When it’s my turn I sit in the Pachamama temple. Maestro Nazario is next to me and initiates the ceremony to give me a personal reading with coca leaves. 

I recall I blow gently on the leaves.  He then sits in front of me and the leaves unfold from his hands and spread on the ground.

I see the coca leaves forming a path. One leaf on the path is pointing in my direction. Another leaf is not on the path and lying alone.

My brain does not understand his words in Quechua, but I feel my heart is responding. Tears drop down my cheeks as he speaks. 

“You are good. I see you are good. You have plans. There is a path for you and you are on it. One leaf is speaking to you now.

The sadness in this leaf (refers to the lonely one) is not on your path. It shares an old sadness maybe from your ancestors. (…) We will take care of it when we cleanse your energy”. 

Maestro Nazario

His words in Quechua are translated to English by the guide Ruty Salas.

“Gracias. (Tears are running down my cheeks.)

“I am writing a book about love and I learn by every step and feel my path. And this step – being here with you I am deeply grateful for.

Yesterday I was in an ancestral session and a sadness showed from my ancestors that is not serving me and we worked with it – maybe that is the sadness you see that is leaving me and not on my path”

Anne-Kathrine Kjær Christensen

Missionary of love, book writer, breathwork facilitator,

Cleanse & flower shower

After we each have had a personal reading we meet outside the temple.

We stand in a row and one by one he cleanse our energy. We stand with what we want cleansed and I bring my sadness.

For the brain it’s weird, and for the body it is a new sensation.

After the energy is cleansed we have a flower ceremony to bring positive energy. Maestro Nazaria nourish us with with what a would best describe as a flower shower. My hair is coloured with beautiful flowers after.

When the lightning strikes

Maestro Nazario is Pampa Misayoq and his father is Alto Misayoq. Both are shermans – maestros. There are only few shermans that become Altos.

To become an Alto the lightning has to strike – normally a person will die if this happens. The Pampa will transform to an Alto exceeding death and can bring his extraordinary healing powers to cure people.


Maestro Nazario and his family

Maestro Nazario’s family.

Thank you Mother Earth 

Together in the group we share the experience to thank Mother Earth.  This does not limit to say thank you for the natural medicine and food – it also includes many other things including animals that also belong to Mother Earth.

The guide Ruty Salas from @cusco.experiences and the maestro take out a a lot of things that each represents what we are grateful for. These are devided into the masculine on one side and the femine on the other side. Love is on top. Then the things are wrapped together in a gift to Mother Earth. We walk up a mountain and then we burn the gift in a fire. For the inkas this is a respectful gesture to thank Mother Earth.

Locally in Cusco people have different ceremonies for jobs, sickness in the family and other. This one for thankfullness is the foundation. The respect and connection to Mother Earth is deeply rooted in Peru. I ask Ruty when she started to chew coca leaves. She answers her mother gave them to her early like around 13 as I recall. It was too soon – she was not eating it with care and thankfulness so she waited to eat them till she was ready.

In the Western world coca leaves are forbidden due to risk of many that want to exploit the coca leave and misuse it for cocaine – a party drug. Very disconnected from Mother Earth.

I am deeply inspired by the close connection to nature and the respect, learnings and love maestro Nazario and Ruty shares with us.

I see the change the ceremonies bring in the guide who shares her deepest respect for him. Her face and behaviour changes from being in her head delivering the practical info to being in her body – soft and caring. Her eyes seem full of love when we meet in a hug. I feel we are connected by a deep gratefullness and love for the nature and for Mother Earth. Our ancestor and present friend who is here with us in this moment to help us nourish and heal. When we take care of her she also takes care of us.


The Love Mystery

Love has has tight conditions in a time where many have busy lives, more and more experience stress, and we are bombarded with data from media and tech-giants. We can get challenged to feel the most important in life.

Anne-Kathrine Kjær Christensen has left Denmark and travels the world to follow her mission to learn more about love and how to integrate it in everyday life. She shares in a blog and works on finishing a book.


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