Anne-Kathrine Kjaer Christensen

Love misionary Anne-Kathrine Kjaer Christensen shares the power of our heart and how to integrate our heart deeper in life. 

Anne-Kathrine Kjaer Christensen is on a love mission.

She is born and raised in Aalborg in Denmark and has lived in the capital of Denmark Copenhagen for more than 10 years. In July 2023 she sold the most of her stuff and left Denmark to travel the world to learn more about the power of our heart and how to integrate our heart deeper in life. 

She is working on a book and shares her learnings and tools in lectures, workshops and meditation training. 


Anne-Kathrine unites her experiences to follow her mission. Her experiences counts:

  • Master in Behaviour Design from Aalborg University (cum laude)
  • Presentations about Behaviour Design at Stanford University,  Børsen in Denmark and other scenes.
  • Facilitation of Behaviour Design Workshops for companies like PFA Pension, Royal Bank of Canada and Yousee
  • Inner work with pscyhotherapists
  • Breathwork facilitator training – trauma informed
  • 1 week retreat in the the buddhistic Plum Village in France
  • The ancestral healing journey with Thomas Hübl
  • Joins The Mystic Café with Thomas Hübl


The Love Mystery

Love has has tight conditions in a time where many have busy lives, more and more experience stress, and we are bombarded with data from media and tech-giants. We can get challenged to feel the most important in life.

Anne-Kathrine Kjær Christensen has left Denmark and travels the world to follow her mission to learn more about love and how to integrate it in everyday life. She shares in a blog and works on finishing a book.


Anne-Kathrine Kjær Christensen

Melholvej 13

9220 Aalborg Ø

WhatsApp: +45 40896007

E-mail: akchristensen@gmail.com

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