Once in a blue moon

October 19, 2023

Magical meeting

3 days ago I am sitting in the shared kitchen of my airbnb home. In comes a handsome smiling man from Peru – we quickly fall into conversation. His name is Dery.

The conversation flows and we quickly get under each other’s skin. When I enter my bungalow that evening I feel a side I rarely feel. The fear of not seeing him again.

Many parts of me come to light. The desire to get even closer and the fear of approaching me. I feel the part of me that wants to move forward quickly. The part that is afraid of being hurt. The part that is afraid to let go and the part that hopes he is my next partner. And several others.

Speak from the heart

We meditate together and share with each other. I am surprised by some of the things I say – which come from the heart. Not words to impress or appear perfect, as part of me wants. I am just present. Authentic.


Anne-Kathrine Kjaer Christensen

Anne-Kathrine Kjaer Christensen sharing her love and sorrow after a magical meeting with Dery from Peru.

Chirimoya & Rebirthing Breathwork in the moon light

Yesterday when he was going on a trip and I thought I wouldn’t see him, he comes with a chirimoya – a local fruit I shared with him the day before that I love.

Our talk leads us into breathwork, and in the afternoon I facilitate a rebirthing breathwork session with him that lasts into the evening under the stars and the moon in the middle of the sacred valley. Those were just some of the many magical moments.



Anne-Kathrine Kjaer Christensen

Power of the heart

Today he is going back to Lima where he lives and during this morning’s meditation I feel the sadness creeping in. In the kitchen, he shares a drawing he made for me. I feel seen. Inspired. Strengthened. Tears fall down the cheeks in gratitude.

Now he’s just gone out the door and I’m sitting with the hat he gave me before he left, with tears in my eyes – sharing sadness and love❤️



The Love Mystery

Love has has tight conditions in a time where many have busy lives, more and more experience stress, and we are bombarded with data from media and tech-giants. We can get challenged to feel the most important in life.

Anne-Kathrine Kjær Christensen has left Denmark and travels the world to follow her mission to learn more about love and how to integrate it in everyday life. She shares in a blog and works on finishing a book.


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